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Berita gumbira untuk orang ramai yang ingin menjadi dealer rasmi PUBLIC GOLD, peluang terbuka dengan lebih mudah.

Kalau dulu-dulu, time kami menjadi dealer, syarat pertama yang mesti dipenuhi adalah dengan pembelian emas sebanyak RM40k, tetapi mulai hari ini (1 Jun 2010), hanya dengan pembelian emas sebanyak RM20k sahaja sudah melayakkan kita menjadi dealer rasmi PG. Tunggu apa lagi! Ayuh...banyak faedah bila menjadi dealer rasmi.
Apa yang penting kat sini, tiada sistem MLM diwujudkan. Kita rajin berusaha, kita akan dapat terima habuannya. Berurusniaga secara individu sudah mampu menjana pendapatan yang lumayan. Insyaallah. Pesanan saya kepada semua bakal dealer dan dealer, jangan sesekali kita menipu orang, jangan sesekali kita  pecah amanah orang dan perkara-perkara lain yang seumpama dengannya. Ok!

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Fahami Fakta Emas!

Jom sama-sama kita hayatinya. Jangan lupa mulakan dengan simpanan 1 DINAR 1 BULAN. Insyaallah satu hari nanti, anda pasti tersenyum tanda puas hati...

Carta Emas Dunia (2000 - 2009)
Carta Emas Dunia (1990 - 2007)
Carta Emas Dunia (1971 - 2007)
Carta Emas Dunia (1900 - 2005)


Jom join kempen 1 Dinar 1 Bulan...insyallah kewangan kita akan bertambah kukuh dan selamat.Jadikan tabiat sebagaimana kita membuat simpanan wang dalam bank / tabungan. Mana-mana yang main kutu tu..boleh join jugak..dpt duit kutu..beli emas...selebihnya belanja..nak sampai giliran kita balik..pastinya lama...tapi bila diconvertkan kpd emas..insyaallah akan bertambah-tambah...Harga semasa boleh rujuk ruangan oren di sebelah kanan blog ini ataupun web

Info tambahan :
>> 1 Dinar bersamaan 4.25gram
>> Emas 916 a.k.a 22 karat

Keliru atau Tak Tahu?

Berikut kami paparkan balik artikel yang telah lama kami war-warkan di dalam blog kami sebelum ini iaitu berkaitan dengan perbandingan emas-emas pelaburan yang terdapat di negara kita pada masa sekarang. Hope pelanggan-pelanggan baru dapat membuat pilihan terbaik. Apa yang penting kat sini adalah, SEMUANYA EMAS!

Six Reasons To Buy Gold Right Now

Buying gold is not only the best play on market negativity today, Cramer explained, it is your insurance against economic chaos and inflation. Here are six reasons why you should buy gold right now:

Dependability: Expected to climb to $2,000 an ounce, Cramer said the precious metal tends to rise when other currencies fall.

Can't Be Copied: As the commercial says, "Central banks are printing money like mad." That's a great reason to own gold.

Timeless: Cramer thinks that no matter what is done to counter deflation, gold is the antidote.

A Win-Win: The value of gold-mining companies not only increases when they discover the precious metal, but also when the price of gold goes up. Granted, they can be more volatile than other ways to play gold (see below), because they can underperform even when the price per ounce is soaring. But Cramer said he likes Eldorado [EGO 17.22 -0.53 (-2.99%) ] because "they keep finding it" and Agnico-Eagle [AEM 62.90 -1.47 (-2.28%) ] could have a "breakout" quarter.

Rarity: Even though gold mining companies are a good play, Cramer said, "We just can't find it like we used to." The scarcity of this precious metal makes it more valuable.

It's Universal: Gold can be purchased in one country and spent in another. It can be kept, as is, in depository banks in faraway places for safekeeping.

5 reason why GOLD is breaking records -

Gold continued its big rally Wednesday, nearing $1,250 an ounce in intra-day trade, then slipping a bit to settle at a new high. Stock market jitters and Europe's debt troubles have sent investors flocking to the precious metal, but why?

Low risk in volatile times
Of course, gold is considered a safe-haven investment in times of economic uncertainty. After the stock market's so-called "flash crash" last week, gold jumped 2%. Choppy trading since then has further boosted the metal's appeal. Gold for June delivery rose $28.80, or about 1.87%, to $1,243.10 an ounce Wednesday, beating a record $1,220.30 the day before, on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Still, when adusted for inflation, current prices are far from their true peak in 1980, when they hit $825.50 an ounce, or the equivalent of $2,180.27 in 2010 dollars.

It's tangible
This week's gold "mania" is also partly a result of investors shifting out of paper currencies, said Adam Klopfenstein, senior market strategist at commodities brokerage firm Lind-Waldock. The dollar, euro and yen are often seen as low-risk investments, too, but gold is not as vulnerable to currency-vs.-currency moves, he said. Gold is experiencing strong demand from Europeans lately, as investors there worry the region's debt problems will persist and devalue the euro, Klopfenstein said. "Gold is the market that Europeans want to own. Their money is going into gold because at some point, people who have already been burned by their own currency want to own something tangible," he said.

Inflation fears
Investors also are buying gold to hedge against the possibility of rising prices. The Federal Reserve's expansionary monetary policy has investors worried about inflation, and Europe's nearly $1 trillion rescue package fans the flames on those fears, said Jeffrey Nichols, managing director of American Precious Metals Advisors and senior economic adviser to Rosland Capital. Nichols has, for the last year, predicted that gold would reach a new high by the middle of 2010 and expects a continued upward trend will put gold at $1,500 per ounce or higher by the end of the year.

Foreign banks
Foreign central banks that are stockpiling gold also are fueling the rally, said Carlos Sanchez, director of risk management at commodities research firm CPM Group. Countries like China and India have been steadily increasing their gold reserves to reduce their vulnerability to the dollar's moves, he said. It's a tactic that gained steam during the global financial crisis in 2008, when the dollar tanked against the euro and other major currencies, Sanchez said. Russia, Kazakhstan and Venezuela also are big gold buyers, he said. Still, the U.S. remains the biggest hoarder, with about 261.4 million ounces of gold in its reserves, although analysts say it hasn't been buying gold for at least a decade.

Bigger returns than bonds?
Treasurys, another safe-haven investment, have also rallied recently. But gold glitters a bit more with some investors, who are turned off by relatively low yields around 3.5% on 10-year government bonds. Gold may not pay interest like bonds, but investors know that with prices rising about 2% daily on a good day, they can potentially make more money in a week with gold than they can in a year with bonds, Klopfenstein said.

Gold Enjoying 'A Really Good Run' – Kitco.Com

Wednesday, 12th May 2010 (96 views)

Those who have put their money into gold may see good returns on their investment, as one expert has suggested that the precious metal is currently enjoying a "really good run" in terms of value. Ben Potter, research analyst for IG Markets, told AAP: "It has got up some serious momentum and had a really good run." He put the popularity of gold as an asset class partially down to concerns among investors that the European bailout package could lead to high levels of inflation. 

Mr Potter explained that he expects prices of the precious metal to rise even higher in the long-term, in particular if inflation rises. James Steel, gold analyst at HSBC, recently told Market Watch that the interest worldwide investors currently have in gold is unlikely to weaken in the near future.He pointed out that the yellow metal has risen sharply in value in recent months due to the escalation of sovereign risk worries.

Gold: The World's #1 Asset Class

Posted May 11, 2010

The current tension in financial markets is providing an additional lift to gold prices. Targets based upon the 1980 to 2007 consolidation continue to point to levels above $2,000.
In the short term, the mid-March bottom suggested strength would be seen through late-May or early-June with a pause at the 7/8th speedline.
Previous April-May rallies have concluded with daily RSI(14) readings of 79 to 85 (currently 72) or upside Exhaustion Alerts caused by a solid week of urgency in buying pressure. The pullback to test the breakout of $1160 on May 4th and 5th alleviated the ‘urgency' leaving the market free to rally once again.
Upside targets for the next few weeks start at $1236 with the most common advance being 19% ($1290) from mid-March, but surprises could be to the upside so we recommend waiting for overbought readings before lightening up on trading positions.

Mid-March bottoms produce rallies of 14% to 36%. A 14-day moving average of the lows should provide support on pullbacks.

Gold investments 'have diversification benefits'

Friday, 7th May 2010

Investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio of wealth may be advised to put their money into gold, as one expert has suggested the precious metal offers benefits during volatile economic times. Dan Denbow, co-portfolio manager of USAA Precious Metals & Minerals Fund, told CNBC that gold has diversification benefits when there is uncertainty in the financial markets. "Gold is specifically an uncorrelated asset so having it a little bit in the portfolio helps during these volatile times," he explained. 

Jason Hommel, writing for Silver Stock Report, recently stated that investors who are hoping to protect their wealth during periods of inflation may also be wise to put their money into the yellow metal. He said that the best time to own gold is when worldwide governments start confiscating more wealth through inflation policies, adding that many are turning to the precious metal as they have "totally lost faith" in their country's leaders.

Insyaallah akan terus mantap!

Harga emas untuk setengah tahun yang pertama:

Hadiah HARI IBU!

Hubungi kami untuk dapatkan hadiah Hari Ibu anda. Hadiah a.k.a pelaburan jangka panjang dalam bentuk emas amatlah tepat sekali. Apa tunggu lagi!.........

Emas sebagai salah satu hantaran perkahwinan!

Kepada bakal pengantin baru, jom kita jadikan emas sebagai salah satu hantaran perkahwinan kita. Kalu zaman nabi dulu2..emas ini dijadikan mas kahwin. Kalau tak silap kami, di Kelantan dan Terengganu, mas kahwin dlm bentuk emas adalah diterima.

So apa tunggu lagi..kita maju setapak. Emas ini bukan sekadar perhiasan dan simbol kemewahan, tetapi lebih dari itu. Beli emas dinar atau wafer, masukkan dlm bekas elok2 dan jadikan salah satu daripada koleksi hantaran perkahwinan anda!

Hubungilah kami untuk dapatkan harga yang terbaik di hari yg berbahagia ini. Yang pasti, anda tidak akan rugi! Hati senang, bini suka, mertua pun sayang....hehehe...

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Tawaran Jualan Balik Emas PG !

Kepada tuan/puan yang nak jual balik emas masing-masing, bolehlah berbuat demikian kepada pihak kami segera sementara harga emas melambung naik. Harga jualannya adalah harga yang tertera di kolum WE BUY bukan WE SELL. Harap tuan/puan faham. Insyaallah, selepas kami jual balik emas tuan/puan kepada pihak PG, pihak kami akan bank-in kan segera duit emas tersebut ke dalam akaun tuan/puan. Akan tetapi, jika kewangan tabungan kami tidak menjadi penghalang, insyaallah pihak kami akan CASHkan segera duit jualan balik emas tersebut kepada tuan/puan pada hari dan waktu yang sama tuan/puan menyerahkan emas tersebut kepada kami. 

Sekian, terima kasih.